How does ACHQL Logistics achieve ZERO defects?

With our industry leading software training process... AutoTrainer®

Olympians are a great analogy for a world class business.  Like the athletes that seek perfection via rigorous traiing, we at ACHQL believe daily employee training makes it possible to achieve ZERO defect delivery to our OEM's.

  • Daily Employee Training via a Touch Screen format to meet our OEM’s job one needs
  • Training is daily, PRE and POST shift 
  • Program is an Automated Layered Process Audit at every critical workstation
  • Never ending loop of all items that need to be understood per each job function
  • Job Function Specific per OEM's requirements
  • A Rotating Skills Test Given daily to Score understanding
  • Data results stored for every employee
  • Incorrect Answers: System pages supervisor to instruct employee with Corrective Actions that are entered into the database
  • Safety and housekeeping training provided as well
  • Predictive Analytics and process automation