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What Sets ACHQ Logistics Apart?

We take pride in our ability to learn our clients complex business issues and provide a long-term leading edge, cost effective, and efficient custom 3PL solution based on their specific needs.

Our focus is on collaboration; with our clients and manufacturing leaders to find creative, proven, and cost effective solutions to complex logistic opportunities through economies of scale, value-mapping analysis, automation systems, and scalable technology

  • Trained staff
    • Proven track record in assembly sequencing
    • Daily Layered Process Audit Training
    • Utilize Automated work station training system AUTO TRAINER™
  • Experience with high complexity assembly build and sequence
    • Ownership of complex inventory processes at Greer, Bessemer, Vance, and Dallas, Texas.
      • Running Inventory ~11,000
      • 400+ SKUs
      • Inventory accuracy approaching 100% due to cycle counting disciplines
  • Successful sequenced assembly provider
    • Experienced in production transfer from existing suppliers, we understand all of the requirements and expectations.
  • Success dealing with logistics challenges resulting in SHRINK
    • Experience working within complex customer ERP (SAP BAAN)
    • Tracing and tracking inventory transactions from ACHQL and customer
  • We design all Sites and Systems to be Triple Redundant for 100% OEM Reliability and on time deliveries
  • Computerized Maintenance Program to ensure 100% Servicing of all Machinery and Systems
  • Inventory of spare parts on hand to ensure maximum uptime.
  • On-site machine shop to produce needed parts
  • Spotless sites and uniformed employees
  • Heavy use of robotics and vision systems at all raw goods induct points
  • IT rigid design to prevent "error bypass" at all work stations; bypass scenarios approved and recorded by Supervisor release code and data retained and reviewed

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