• Drew West

    Project Manager 

    Senior Solutions Architect 

    Software Infrastructure Engineer

    Email: drew.wes t.technology@gmail.com

    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/drewwest

    Phone: ( 205) 340-1960

    Specializing in Automotive Manufacturing and Content Distribution Networking for Audio/Video

    World class solutions architect, project manager, and software infrastructure engineer who specializes in automotive manufacturing and content distribution networking for audio/video. With 20 years of strong IT and hardware/software experience via multiplicative manufacturing facility and data center start-ups. Trained by Cisco, Redhat, Global Knowledge, Firefly, and security professionals from the NSA.

    • Red Hat RHCSA  - Red Hat Enterprise Linux  Completion Year: 2019

    • Firefly  - UCS Test Drive for Technical Decision Makers Completion Year: 2018

    • Firefly  - Optimizing UCS  Completion Year: 2018

    • Global Knowledge  - Redhat RHCSA Course  Completion Year: 2018

    • Jones County Junior College  - Information Technology Degree: Associate of Science in Information Technology Completion Year: 2013


    • Programming:  Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Bash, PowerShell

    • OS Platforms:  Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, NXOS, and BSD variants

    • Cloud Platforms:  Vultr, AWS, Google Cloud, IBMi in the cloud, and custom solutions using virt and containerization technologies. Built clouds from scratch.

    Relevant Projects:

    International Automotive Components Group:

    Leads the design and implementation of IT hardware and software solutions for tier 1 suppliers to major Automotive OEMs including Mercedes, VW, Honda, GM, and Nissan. Successfully integrated and actively managing Cisco networks, Linux servers, Windows servers, and SQL databases to optimize production efficiency.


    Spearheaded the development of data collection, parsing, and proactive reporting systems in a mixed Windows, Linux, and IBMi environment. Automated processes to ensure accuracy and streamline operations down to the item and penny levels.


    Played a key role in supporting network transitions for Daimler, contributing to the smooth transition of thousands of Cisco network nodes during the TAF (Twice as Fast) Transition. Collaborated closely with cross-functional teams to maintain network stability and reliability.

    ACHQ Logistics, LLC:

    Currently leading initiatives in food market automation, leveraging substantial investments to develop fully automated assembly equipment. Set to build new automated warehouses and an OEM factory, with a projected investment of $100 million USD.

    Neato Kewl, LLC:

    Provided comprehensive web development training and support for former Congress people’s radio stations, enhancing content creation and distribution capabilities. Leveraged Vultr cloud technologies to build scalable and reliable infrastructure.


    Established a robust content delivery network and broadcast encoders for a 501c3 non-profit organization specializing in public broadcasting. Managed 32 XEON cores for uninterrupted operations on a fiber circuit.


    1. International Automotive Components Group - IT Analyst III October 2022 - Current

    As an IT Analyst III at International Automotive Components Group, Drew is responsible for IT engineering and rollouts for multiple Automotive OEMs. His role involves managing Cisco networks, Linux servers, Windows servers, Vmware, Hyper-V, VergeIO, SQL databases, AS400-like systems, and more in a 24/7 production environment.

    2. StoreReport - Remote Dev/Ops Jan 2022 – September 2022

    Drew inherited 37-year-old IBMi infrastructure at StoreReport and worked to bring the systems back into production over four months. He automated processes down to the item and penny levels, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in data management.

    3. Computacenter Vance, AL - NetOps June 2021 - Mar 2022

    At Computacenter, Drew assisted in supporting network transitions for Daimler, playing a crucial role in maintaining stability and reliability during the TAF (Twice as Fast) Transition. He worked with thousands of Cisco network nodes and collaborated closely with cross-functional teams.

    4. ACHQ Logistics, LLC - Worldwide Dev/Ops November 2021 – Current

    Drew leads Dev/Ops initiatives at ACHQ Logistics, where he oversees projects involving fully automated assembly equipment and the development of new automated warehouses and an OEM factory. With a projected investment of $100 million USD, Drew plays a key role in driving innovation and growth.

    5. Neato Kewl, LLC - Open Source Developer Aug 2020 - January 2022

    As an Open Source Developer at Neato Kewl, Drew provided web development training and support, enhancing content creation and distribution capabilities for former Congress people’s radio stations. He leveraged Vultr cloud technologies to build scalable and reliable infrastructure.

    6. PBMTV - Systems Administrator Jan 2021 – November 2021

    Drew volunteered at PBMTV as a Systems Administrator, where he built and managed a content delivery network and broadcast encoders for the non-profit organization. His efforts ensured uninterrupted operations and reliable broadcasting services.

    7. Lear, Brookwood AL - IT Specialist Feb 2020 - Aug 2020

    At Lear, Drew ensured data integrity and smooth operations amidst supply chain interruptions, particularly focused on providing accurate airbag data to Mercedes. He also managed AS400 automation systems and handled administration duties for VMware, Windows, and SQL servers.

    8. C Spire / Tek Links, Jackson, MS - Video Systems Engineer Jun 2017 - Jan 2020

    As a Video Systems Engineer, Drew played a crucial role in launching new television platforms for C Spire TV. He achieved exceptional scalability and reliability, leveraging his expertise in Cisco UCS, Nexus, VMware ESXi, Red Hat Linux, and Python scripting.

    9. Astra/CFX, Bessemer AL - Automation SME 2011 - 2017

    Drew contributed to the successful launch of three automated wheel/tire assembly facilities for BMW and Mercedes at Astra/CFX. He served as the primary onsite technical resource, managing multiple data centers and supporting .NET automation systems.

    10. Ark Cloud Services, Fort Lauderdale - Sysadmin 2011 - 2014

    As a Systems Administrator, Drew managed network and server infrastructure for Ark Cloud Services' clients, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. His responsibilities included maintaining legacy Cisco catalyst networks, ASA firewalls, Active Directory, VoIP systems, and more.

    11. Perfect 10, Laurel Mississippi - Field Technician 2005-2011

    In his role as a Field Technician at Perfect 10, Drew undertook various technical challenges, including satellite installations, audits for Hughes-Net, and video conferencing systems for government agencies and corporate roll-outs. He consistently demonstrated technical expertise and problem-solving skills, ensuring the successful implementation and maintenance of various telecommunications systems.


      UCS Test Drive for Technical Decision Makers 


      Optimizing a Cisco UCS Environment


      Certified System Administrator (2018)

      RHCSA Rapid Track Completion